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We have recently introduced our own on-site bar (Open on busy weekends): The Camels Humps! 5 minutes walk past fields of Alpaca, Wildings Lakes and finally our camels, Jeffrey and Batu, is our bar. Stocked with a variety of local and top branded beers, wines & cider, we also have an excellent choice of spirits (where possible, sourced from local distilleries) if more to your taste. You're on holiday after all!

Since it's introduction, The Camels Humps has added an excellent social element to our campsite, with our bar on the hill enjoying mesmerising sunsets behind a picturesque view. At the end of the night, it's a short walk (or stumble) back to your tent - what could be easier!

The Camels Humps is open on Saturday evenings and Sunday evenings on bank holidays.

Find us using what 3 words: ///foods.witty.sailor

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